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The Burghof is also recommended as a venue for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, company parties and events. For larger celebrations is located right next to the historic Kelter, which we manage..

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All prices include VAT and service (charge) | Current status: November 2019

Our Famous Rostbraten

Our Rostbraten are cut from the very tender saddle of beef. Tasty and succulent, all our barbecued steaks are fat-free, except the "Original".

Including a side dish and a small salad

S Small 14,90 €
L Big 20,90 €
Grilled steak with herb butter and crunchy fried potatoes
With golden onions, rich red wine steak gravy and homemade "Spätzle" (tiny noodle dumplings)
With golden onions, bacon and grapes in rich Lemberger red wine steak gravy and homemade "Spätzle"
With green peppercorns in a delicate cream sauce and crispy fried potatoes

Coffee & Liquor

Coffee, Coffee Creme, Cappuccino

Cup 2,50 €

Espresso, Espresso Macchiatto

Cup 2,00 €

Home-distilled Liquor

Williams Christ Pear, Mirabelle, Plums, Cherry, Zibarten 3,00 €

„Pfarrhausgeischtle“ frome our house distillery

Pear brand, Brombeere, Trester, Leaven Trester - from Carsten Majer 3,00 €


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