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The Burghof is also recommended as a venue for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, company parties and events. For larger celebrations is located right next to the historic Kelter, which we manage..

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All prices include VAT and service (charge) | Current status: November 2019
with pickled sour cherries 6,90 €
Yogurt-Rette puree and Panna Cotta Kumquat 6,90 €

Coffee & Liquor

Coffee, Coffee Creme, Cappuccino

Cup 2,50 €

Espresso, Espresso Macchiatto

Cup 2,00 €

Home-distilled Liquor

Williams Christ Pear, Mirabelle, Plums, Cherry, Zibarten 3,00 €

„Pfarrhausgeischtle“ frome our house distillery

Pear brand, Brombeere, Trester, Leaven Trester - from Carsten Majer 3,00 €


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